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Residential propane service including the following:

Commercial propane services in Paso Robles and throughout the central coast. Our services include the following:

  • Forklift Fleets: We have the necessary equipment and expertise to service your forklift fleet, from one forklift up to 100. Whether it’s just simply a “wet line” transfer hose or a 1000 gallon tank (or larger) with pump and motor or dispensing cabinet, we can provide for your fleet. We even keep an inventory of propane forklift repair parts and can assist your forklift repair service with any propane related equipment. Talk to us about the benefits of running your forklift fleet on clean burning propane gas. We currently have incentives available for the purchase or upgrade of propane forklifts.
  • Over-the Road Propane Autogas Fuel and Equipment: Some exciting new off-road and over-the-road products have come to market over the past few years that allow the propane industry to stay on the forefront of Green Technology. We now have available propane-powered Ford F-250 pick-ups, F-450, 550 and 650 chassis, Ford E-series Econoline vans, a Bluebird school bus, and a propane-powered shuttle bus. There are also several manufacturers making propane-powered commercial lawn mowers that are being used for smaller golf courses and private or municipal parks. Contact us if you need any information on any of these types of equipment and we will provide you with the necessary details. Stay tuned for many other new “green” propane-powered technologies that will be coming to market in the near future!
  • Winery Service: We have been servicing the wine industry since the early 1980’s. We have a thorough knowledge of winery requirements and our service and delivery personnel are trained in winery service. Contact us for any of your winery needs, including forklift service, hot water for winery use, or heat, hot water, or gas fireplace use in your tasting room!

Agricultural propane service including the following:

  • Irrigation: We provide propane service in Paso Robles and throughout the central coast for all types of propane-powered irrigation engine uses, whether for frost protection, general irrigation purposes, or both. There are incentives available for installing propane-powered irrigation equipment and if you are interested in a new propane-powered irrigation project, contact us for details.
  • Weed Flaming: Weed flaming is a technology that has been in existence for several years. A newer technology, propane steam weed control, has recently come to market and is now available. Both products eliminate weeds without the need for chemical application in vineyard and orchard rows and other farming applications and help to promote organic farming. If you would like any additional information on either of these products you may contact us via our website or call us at 805 237-1001.
  • Frost Protection can take many forms, from overhead sprinklers in vineyards to propane powered field heaters used together with wind machines in orchards. Our management and staff are trained in installing tanks and supplying propane to frost protection engines and are trained in the installation of all the necessary equipment to supply your orchard heating system. Let us help you with all of your frost protection needs.

Other Services:

We provide propane service in Paso Robles and throughout the central coast area including all of San Luis Obispo County, northern Santa Barbara County, and southern Monterey County.

Call today for propane in Paso Robles at: (805) 237-1001

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